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Obesity & Overweight

Obesity is a condition in which a person has a harmful amount of body fat or an unhealthy distribution of body fat. It raises the risk for several serious health complications.


Thyroid Management

It’s important intake of certain nutrients when you have an underactive thyroid. Being physically active can support healthy thyroid function. It can also spur weight loss by boosting your metabolism, reducing fluid retention, and making you feel more energetic.


Diabetes Management and reversal

Maintaining a healthy weight, eating a balanced carbohydrate-controlled diet, and getting regular exercise will help to improve blood glucose control. Make your calories count with nutritious foods. Choose healthy carbohydrates, fibre-rich food, healthy fats.



PCOS is a common health condition affecting 1 in 10 women in India. Obesity is one of the common offenders making PCOS symptoms worse. Early diagnosis and comprehensive nutritional and medical treatment is essential to control the symptoms of PCOS.Insulin resistance is seen among almost 50-80 of women with PCOS.


Fatty Liver & Detox

Keeping liver healthy, why is it important to protect liver. Liver is the complex organ that performs a multiple of life sustaining functions.A good detoxifying agent removes impurities from blood through the liver; clean and good nutrition plays a big part in the cleansing process of the liver.



A heart-healthy diet is vital for helping to reduce high blood pressure. It’s also important for managing hypertension that’s under control and reducing the risk of complications includes heart disease, stroke, and heart attack. The DASH diet is a balanced eating plan that gives choices of what to eat. It provides daily and weekly nutritional goals. The number of servings depends on daily calorie needs.


Gut Health & GERD

If you notice signs of poor gut health, lifestyle factors may help improve your gut microbiome and benefit your overall health. You may be able to improve your gut health through lifestyle and diet changes. Eating a diet high in fibre likely contributes to a healthy gut microbiome as well. You may also positively impact your gut by eating foods high in micronutrients called polyphenols.